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Uneekor Warranty

Equipment Warranty 

Uneekor warrants for 12 months from delivery that all new or refurbished equipment and other hardware and accessories will conform to Uneekor’s published specifications and be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. The applicable period for a product is referred to hereafter as the “Warranty Period”.

(a) Limited Strike Warranty. For new EYEXO sensor units, in the event of a ball strike on the unit, Uneekor will cover repair or replacement of the sensor for the lesser of two (2) years from delivery or two occurrences.

(b) Extended Warranty. A one-time extended warranty is available for new units. If purchased, such extended warranty lengthens the Warranty Period for the specified amounts of time below and is available for purchase only within the following windows:

(1) One-year extended warranty must be purchased within seven (7) days of initial purchase.

(2) Two-year extended warranty must be purchased within seven (7) days of initial purchase.

Please note that Extended Warranties may not be extended again or renewed.

Equipment Repair Parts Warranty 

Uneekor warrants for the longer of (a) ninety (90) days from the date of installation or (b) the remainder of the Warranty Period for such product, that equipment repair parts (parts, components and assemblies necessary to return equipment to, or keep equipment in, working condition) will conform to Uneekor’s published specifications and be free from defects in workmanship and materials, only if the equipment repair parts are installed by Uneekor or a Uneekor authorized provider. Otherwise, equipment repair parts are sold AS IS. Uneekor may use refurbished materials for all repairs.

Peripherals Warranty

Uneekor warrants that replaceable peripheral items or consumables used with the equipment, such as batteries or flash units, will conform to Uneekor’s published specifications and will be free from defects in workmanship and materials at the time of shipment.

Software Warranty

Uneekor warrants for 12 months from delivery that base level software included with launch monitors will perform substantially in accordance with Uneekor’s published specifications and any accompanying user documentation when used under normal operation and maintenance conditions. ANY ADD-ON SOFTWARE, THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE, AND PRE-RELEASE VERSIONS OF THE SOFTWARE, ARE SUPPLIED ON AN “AS IS” BASIS WITHOUT CONDITION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NON-INFRINGEMENT, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.

Third Part Products 

Uneekor does not support or make any warranties about products manufactured or supplied by third parties that you purchase through any of Uneekor’s sales channels. When you buy a third party product, Uneekor will let you know that this purchase is governed by the third-party’s own contract terms. You must look directly to the relevant third-party manufacturer for product support, warranties, and to make warranty claims. Uneekor agrees, however, to assign to you any warranty rights Uneekor may receive from the original manufacturer or third party supplier, to the extent the original manufacturer or third party supplier allows.

Warranty Exclusions

Warranty coverage does not include any defect or performance deficiency (including failure to conform to product descriptions or specifications) which results, in whole or in part, from (a) normal wear and tear; (b) accident, disaster or event of force majeure (except as provided in the Limited Strike Warranty above); (c) negligent storage or handling by you, your employees, agents, or contractors; (d) your failure to comply with applicable instructions or manuals or other use that is inconsistent with normal operating guidelines; (e) your failure to prepare or maintain the site or provide power requirements or operating environmental conditions in compliance with any applicable instructions or recommendations of Uneekor; (f) causes external to the products such as, but not limited to, power failure or electrical power surges; RF or magnetic interference, HVAC failure or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Uneekor; (g) absence of any product, component, or accessory recommended by Uneekor but omitted or removed by you or at your direction; (h) unauthorized installation or any misuse, alteration, repair or damage to the products by persons other than Uneekor or Uneekor authorized providers; (i) combining Uneekor’s products with any products, replacement parts, materials or software furnished by others, or incompatible with Uneekor products, where such combination causes failure of or degradation to performance of Uneekor’s products; or (j) improper or extraordinary use. Uneekor is not responsible for and bears no liability for malfunction or inoperability of equipment, software, firmware, accessories or other hardware resulting from (i) changes to or de-commitment of operating systems or other applications by any original equipment manufacturer, (ii) introduction of a virus or other malware caused directly or indirectly by you, or (iii) inoperability or incompatibility with any network or any attempted use of software or firmware on a workstation. Uneekor will determine if any of the warranty exclusions in this section apply, in its sole but reasonable discretion, whether during remote troubleshooting or after examination of the returned product.

Warranty Services & Repairs

Should any failure to conform to the warranty appear within the applicable warranty period, you must promptly notify Uneekor by contacting Uneekor support prior to the end of the applicable warranty period. Failure to do so will result in a lapse of your warranty. Many issues can be resolved through troubleshooting, and prior to any warranty return, a troubleshooting session between the owner and a Uneekor support team member is required. After obtaining a valid Return Goods Authorization number, you will ship the goods at Uneekor’s expense to Uneekor for repair and/or replacement. Uneekor must receive the goods within 15 days of issuing a Return Goods Authorization number in order to preserve the warranty repair or replacement. Warranty services will be performed during Uneekor’s local business hours. While commercially reasonable efforts will be made to render services promptly, Uneekor makes no guarantees for response times or uptime. You have 10 days after receiving a repair or replacement to notify Uneekor of any defects; otherwise the repair or replacement will be deemed acceptable by you.


The foregoing warranties are exclusively given to you and are in lieu of all other warranties, whether written, oral, express, implied, or statutory. NO IMPLIED STATUTORY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE SHALL APPLY. NO EMPLOYEE OR AGENT OF UNEEKOR, IS AUTHORIZED TO MAKE ANY WARRANTY IN ADDITION TO THE FOREGOING.

Your Remedies

In the event of a failure to conform to the warranty during the Warranty Period, Uneekor will repair the product according to the procedures described above. If Uneekor is unable to repair warranted goods after a reasonable number of attempts, Uneekor will provide, at its option, (i) new or used replacement goods provided you return the non-conforming goods; or (ii) a refund of the purchase price depreciated in accordance with standard accounting principles. These remedies are conditioned upon your promptly notifying Uneekor of any defect or nonconformance and making the good available for correction in a timely manner as required in these Terms. THIS SECTION 9 CONTAINS YOUR EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES AND UNEEKOR’S SOLE OBLIGATIONS FOR BREACH OF WARRANTY. NO OTHER REMEDIES, OBLIGATIONS, LIABILITIES, RIGHTS, OR CLAIMS, WHETHER ARISING IN TORT, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY OR OTHERWISE, ARE AVAILABLE.

Review of this warranty policy 

We may update this warranty policy from time to time as necessary. The terms that apply to you are those posted here on our website on the day you use our website. We advise you to print a copy for your records. If you have any questions regarding our warranty policy, please contact us.